Meeting of the Supreme Public Prosecutor with the Minister of Justice of Austria
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The Prosecutor General, Zagorka Dolovac, met today with the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Austria, Alma Zadić, with the associates.

At the meeting, the successful cooperation between the Public Prosecution Offioces of Serbia and Austria was discussed and the readiness for its further improvement through future direct meetings and the exchange of knowledge and experience was expressed.

The efficient international legal assistance provided by the Supreme Public Prosecution Office to the Austrian Prosecutor's Office and other competent authorities was especially praised and the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation, especially in the fight against crime, was highlighted, given the strong economic ties and the large number of Serbian citizens living in Austria.

Zagorka Dolovac pointed out that the Supreme Public Prosecution Office has improved cooperation with the EU, primarily through judicial networks such as Eurojast, in which the office of the Serbian liaison prosecutor has been opened, and expressed the commitment of the Supreme Public Prosecution Office to, fully contribute to the joint fight against crime and international cooperation, as a reliable partner, in order to preserve the security and stability of our societies in the light of new global challenges.

Date: 25.03.2024.

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